Come Play in a Frisco Flyers Youth Volleyball League!!

Frisco Flyers has league play for youth teams starting 1st grade and up. We have recreational, competitive, and club level divisions. Our goal is to provide a great atmosphere for learning and having fun. The league is a chance for players to improve their volleyball skills and compete at a level appropriate to their age and skill. 

Purpose - Our leagues are meant to be short (5-8 week) instructional venues that include a practice once per week and games weekly. It is a place to play, improve skills, and introduce game play to prepare for school or intro into the club world. A league is not intended to take the place of a “Club” experience nor is it supposed to be “win at all cost”.

To register for a league, please go to the league page and choose the level you would like to sign up for and add it to your cart. We encourage players to sign up with their friends to play together! To make a friend request, please email (include each player's name and level you signed up for). Teams will be formed after the registration deadline. Each player will be notified by their coach of their practice time and match schedule (please use an active email account when you register).

Specific details for each league can be found on the league page (click the league name below)!

LeagueStatusAges/GradeLeague LevelsReg DeadlineStart DatePlayoffs
2020 Spring (8 wks)In session1st - 6thRec, Comp (5th & 6th)ClosedFeb 23May 11-15
2020 Summer 1 (5 wks)Coming soon1st - 10thRec, Comp, Club
May 6May 15June 20
2020 Summer 2 (5 wks)Coming soon
1st - 10thRec, Comp, Club

2020 Fall (5 wks)Coming soon
1st - 10thRec, Comp, Club

2020-2021 Winter (8 wks)Coming soon
1st - 6thRec, Comp

2019-2020 Winter (8 wks)
1st - 6th
Rec, Comp (5th & 6th)Closed

Summer 1, Summer 2 & Fall Leagues: Teams will practice once per week and Play 2 matches on Friday evenings at the Flyers Sports & Event Center. At the end of the 5 week session, teams will play in the league tournament. These leagues are Power Leagues.

What is a Power League? The difference between a regular league and a power league is that in a regular league a team would play all the other teams in the league an equal amount of times. In our “Power” league we begin by playing all teams but slowly match teams of like skills and records together as the league progresses. The pro to this is that matches are played against similar skill levels making it more beneficial to all teams. The con is that a set schedule can not be produced at the beginning of the season. To combat the con we play all matches on Fridays starting between 5:30 and 8:30.

Spring and Winter Leagues: We have partnered with Frisco Fieldhouse USA. Flyers teams will be practicing at the Flyers Sports & Event Center on Sunday evenings and play their matches at Fieldhouse USA on Friday evening. The winter league is 8 weeks with no playoffs.

Divisions - Depending on the number and skill level of the teams we have, each level (Rec, Competitive, Club) may be split into multiple divisions.

Recreational - This is meant for players with little or no volleyball experience. The teams are formed ad hoc and play by a more relaxed set of rules so that the experience caters to the skill level of the players. By its very nature there will be players of differing skills and even ages on a recreational team. These teams are coached by collegiate level athletes and coaches who are in training - our junior level coaches.

Competitive - This division is meant for players that have some volleyball experience and CAN serve from behind the regulation end line but are not yet ready to move to the more advanced Club Division. If you CANNOT yet serve from the end line, you will need to sign up for Recreational. Coached by our Flyers Coaching Staff.

Club - This division is meant for players that have played for a number of years, are playing club volleyball already, or have all the necessary skills to compete at the higher level. Many of these teams are preformed club teams. Coached by Flyers Coaching Staff.

The Competitive divisions will have a Placement Evaluation Day to facilitate team placement by our coaching staff. The goal for team placement is to find the right fit based on age and skill level. The Club and Competitive levels may be combined due to total number of teams signed up.

To be considered for a club or a competitive team, you are REQUIRED to attend ONE of the Placement Evaluation Days unless you are already on a "pre-formed team". If you don’t make at least one of the mandatory Placement Evaluation Days you will be assigned to a recreational team. Recreational players do not attend the Placement Evaluation Days.

Preformed teams are accepted into our league! We have multiple options for you to choose from. Email us at for more information.

Cancellation Policy: We staff our coaches and schedule league accordingly based on registration numbers. If you cancel within the time periods below, we will credit your account. NO CASH OR CC REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. 

Full Credit Refund = Prior to 14 days BEFORE assessment begins

50% Credit Refund = AFTER 1st assessment begins 

If you have any questions please email